The UV curing flexographic inks of JKM Pronat are produced according to international color standards. 

  • Standard series: Economical grade. Generally recommended for self-adhesive label materials (paper, PE, PP), nonporous papers, but also suitable for shrink sleeve foils (PVC, OPS, PET).
  • LM series: Low odor and low migration ink series. Especially developed for outside printing of food packaging materials. Contains EuPIA Group 1A photoinitiators and high functional monomers.


  • Opaque white extra: White ink with extra strong opacity. Recommended for normal or reverse printing of polyethylene foils or transparent label materials (PE, PP).
  • LM white: White ink with low odor and low migration characteristics. It contains EuPIA Group 1A photoinitiators and high functional monomers.
  • „Sleeve” white: White ink with high slip; developed for reverse printing on PVC, OPS, PET substrates for shrink sleeve applications, but also highly suitable for BOPP wraparound labels of mineral water bottles.


  • General purpose: Economical grade UV curing OPV with silicone for labels and foils.
  • Silicone free: Overprintable OPV.
  • Matte varnish
  • Release varnish: suitable for making booklet labels.